Monday, September 10, 2007


In Pakistan Anti-America slogan is commonly used. It has many reasons. It is used for to win Election. Popular slogans raised by religious parties. Problems unable to solved or cannot be understood are refer to this slogan. I have asked many people what is the alternate of ANTI-AMERICA slogan? But no body is able to explain this mystery. Japan was the worse victims of American war but there are no Anti-American sentiments.Japanies have change the direction and now Japan is a big industrial power. It is still unsolved MYSTERY…….? Muslim world is still passing through abysmal ignorance. They are lag behind in education and industry. The only thing they believe in is militarism. Militarism is a failed dogma. According to one scholar the causes of downfall of Greece civilization was militarism. Everyone in Greece had become gladiator. It was the longest journey of the world from bipolar to unipolar. America is the biggest military might on the earth. Al-Qaeda has used least option against America but American are not using even their first military option in Afghanistan and Iraq. In Afghanistan and Iraq Muslims are killing their brothers. American are busy in humanitarian services. According to UNO report 80% suicide bomber in Afghanistan are belong to Pakistan’s tribal belt. They are poor, uneducated and students of religion institutions. Pakistan is an Atomic Power but ironic situation is that a 15 year old boy commits suicide because his parents could not provide him school uniform. No Muslim university is included in 150 World Top Ranking universities. Another problem for Pakistan and Muslim world is that they believe in pseudo theories. One theory is Muslim Ummah (Muslim Brotherhood).There is no even single example in the world that USA or UK had gain progress due to Christian or Jew brotherhood. When I examine the Pakistan current situation I feel that I am reading Swift “Gulliver’s Travel” and Chaucer “Prologue to the Canterbury tales”.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Islamic Revolution

It has been said about Pakistan that due to current scenerio stage is set for Islamic Revolution.Different terms are also used for example Mild Islam and Extrmist Islam.Pakistan is also copmared with Iran.How Islamic Revolution changed the situation in Iran.I would like to through light on political system in Pakistan.Election in Pakistan are held on the base of different factors not on ideological based.Pakistan is a feudal society regional politics is prevaling all over the Pakistan.It is also one major cause of dis-interagation in Pakistan.Large political parties of Pakistan are MQM,Pakistan Mislim League(Q),Pakistan Mislim League(N),People Party,ANPare not inclind towards traditional Islam.There are some independence candidates and FATA they are always with the majority government party.The current winning majority of MMA(Islamic Parties) is due to following two reasons:-
1.Emotional attachment with Taliban
2.Musharaf's policy to oust major plitical parties from the scene.
Now question is if Musharaf government is faild then what is future of Pakista?Al-Qaeda and Taliban are unable to play dominent role in Pakistan because they do not have strong root in Pakistan.People in Pakistan dislike islamic extremist in Pakistan.In tribal areas where Taliban has some pressure groups face difficulties from local people.Talibans were produced during General Zia regeme.Jihad industry was stste sponsored.General Zia was a very hypocrate ruler.He first time used Islam to strengthen in government.He introduced steps towards Islamization of laws and economy.Current MMA parties are result of his policies.What i think there is very less chance of Islamic Extremist Government in Pakistan.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Stronghold of Islam

Pakistan is considered as a stronghold of Islam. Since independence we are unable to understand what kind of Islam we want. Quaid-e-Azam,the founder of Pakistan was against the theocracy. Now Pakistan is in the grip of Talbanisation.Islam is in danger in Pakistan and it is only duty of N.W.F.P people to save Islam. We have less educated and poverty stricken people. According to an Afghan journalist,Musa Khan Jalozi book “Sectarianism in Pakistan” he clearly describes the creation of militancy in Pakistan. During Russian invasion in Afghanistan, Pakistan was the hub of the war activities. Jihad was used as a state and USA sponsored slogan in Pakistan. A huge Jihad industry was established in Pakistan. It was the main cause of militancy in Pakistan. There are also other causes of these phenomena. N.W.F.P has very high growth of population’s I belong to N.W.F.P,we have the biggest family unit in Pakistan. Another reason is sociological based. In Pakistan we have four province i.e Punjab,Sindh,N.W.F.P and Balochistan.In Punjab and Sindh people are very peaceful. The main problem is in N.W.F.P in tribal system. When these tribes embraced Islam fighting was in their gene. They Pick in Islam only fighting. Trouble is only in N.W.F.P and other provinces have no problems. There is very funny and ironic situation in Pakistan. A religion madrassa (Lal Masjid) in Islamabad announced establishment of shariat court and enforcement of sharia in Pakistan. This reputed madrassa was constructed on illegal land. A cleric in our province gave fatwa against Polio drop himself is victims of same disease. French revolution rejoiced the fall of Bastille, the royal fortress-prison, in the center of Paris, on July 14,1789,in Islamabad, the Talibat, impatient to bring about the Islamic order, enjoyed capturing a library. The Bastille had been a symbol of brute another, the library is a symbol of civilization. These scholars have no fiscal blue print for economic relief of the people. When asked who was funding the two seminaries,Moulana Aziz said; whenever we are short of essentials items we close our eyes and demands from Allah.With a few minutes, we find the desired thing in our kitchens”. These theologians want the return of obscurants through the burqa-clad,baton wielding Talibat by misguiding them Islam not only for moderation and peace but also for science and research. Earlier the week, President Musharif told a foreigner newspaper that Hamid Karzia was losing the battle against extremism. Now it is seems that he himself is facing in similar dilemma.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


My name is Abdul Ghafoor from Pakistan. Did Master in English and now working in an Administration Department in a large industrial unit.I am thankful to an Australian Paul Edwards,who encourage me to create a blog.He ia a very nice man a have great pain for suffering people.

P A K I S T A N: Idea, Struggle and Achievements

Many books have been written, numerous speeches have been made, several lectures have been given and a number of seminars in expensive five star hotels have been held on Pakistan. The subject is such as it begs repetition.
In a short essay, it is not possible to talk in detail about the history of Indian Muslims as to why they wanted a separate homeland, their struggle for this demand culminating in the achievement of their aspirations with the establishment of Pakistan in 1947.
After the war of Independence in 1857, termed as mutiny ( ) by the then rulers, Muslims of India were left bleeding in utter humiliation.
The British wreaking vengeance on Muslims who were deprived of their political, economic, civil and military power; their lands, wealth and resources were confiscated; educational institutions were closed or denied any financial help. Muslims were reduced to a fallen nation.William Hunter in his book "Indian Musalman" published in 1871 says:"Now all sorts of employment, high or low, great or small are being gradually snatched away from the Mohammedans, and given to other races particularly Hindus. They are reduced to Bahistee, wood cutters, peons or pen menders in offices."
This was the time and period when there arose a phoenix from the ashes of fallen Muslims by the name of Syed Ahmad Khan whom we rightly call the first "architect" and founder of Pakistan. He gave the Muslim nation self-confidence and he turned their eyes from defeat of yesterday to hope, success and freedom of tomorrow.
He educated them in modern sciences in the face of strong opposition from the "Ulemas" particularly of Deoband.
Indian "Ulemas" issued "Fatwa" (religious indictment) against teaching of English. He did not care and established the famous Aligarh Muslim University. He knew very well that the survival of Muslims against the united opposition and hatred of the English and the Hindus was not possible if Muslims did not make an intellectual progress by studying natural and modern sciences.
When Indian National Congress was founded by a British it was soon hijacked by Hindus and a militant revisionist Swami Diyannand raised his popular slogan "India for Indians".
Sir Syed genuinely alarmed and pleaded to Muslims not to join the Congress party.
He wrote to Mr. Shakespeare, the Commissioner of Benares of his being convinced that the "two nations" could never participate jointly in any kind of work and that hostility and opposition would come mainly from the "Educated Hindus". He prophesied that who lives would see what he said was true. Later, Quaid-e-Azam also advanced his two-nation theory saying that Muslims belonged to two different religious philosophies, social customs, literature and civilizations at the Frontier Muslim League Conference on 21 November, 1945 Peshawar League Conference. He said that the Muslims demanded Pakistan where they could rule according to their own code of life and according to their own traditions and Islamic laws. In a message to Frontier Muslim Students Federation he said, "you have asked me to give you a message. What message can I give you? We have a great message in Quran for our guidance and enlightenment."
Non-Muslim often used to say sarcastically that they did not know what the purpose and meaning of Pakistan was.
A young poet of Sialkot, Punjab, Asghar Sodai said:Pakistan ka matlib kiyaLa—ila ha Illallah.
Further, in his Eid message to the nation in 1945, he said,"Every one except the ignorant knows that the Quran is the general code of the Muslamans and our prophet has said that every Musalman should possess a copy of the Holy Book and be his own priest and guide."
In 1943 at All India Muslim League Annual Session, Delhi, he said:"I would like to give warning to landlords and capitalists who become exploiters by a system which is so vicious, so wicked and makes them so selfish that it is difficult to reason with them. They have forgotten the lessons of Islam. Millions have been exploited and the poor cannot get one meal a day. These rich people will have to adjust themselves to the new conditions of life. If they do not God help them: We shall not help them."
After seven years’ struggle, Pakistan came into being on the map of the world with Almighty Allah’s blessing on the sacred night of Laila-tul-qadr ( ), 27th of Ramathan i.e. 14 August, 1947. Maulana Shabbir Ahmad Usmani declared that it was ordained by Allah that this Islamic State should come into existence on this scared night so that his law i.e. the Holy Quran was to be the Constitution of this new State.
In a broadcast talk to the people of the USA as the fist Governor-general of Pakistan, he said:
"The Constitution of Pakistan has yet to be framed by the Constituent Assembly. I do not know what the ultimate shape of this constitution is going to be but I am sure that it will be a democratic type, containing the essential principles of Islam. These are as applicable in modern times as were 1400 years ago. However Pakistan is not going to be a theocratic state to be ruled by priests with a divine mission."
Unfortunately Quaid-e-Azam did no live long to make Pakistan a truly Islamic state based on Quranic Laws as he had often said after his death, his concept of an Islamic state could not take a practical shape.We failed shamelessly in our duty to fulfil the promise Allama Iqbal and the Quaid had made to the Ummah. We have paid an un-imaginable heavy penalty for it. Corruption deep in our veins, sectarian killing, polarization of Ummah into sects, feudalism, capitalism, nepotism, greed, murders, gang rape, in short every evil one can think of, has become cancerous for the society.
For fifty years, we have been ignoring the warning signals from Allah of impending calamities ( ). I do not have to go into detail about the pathetic situation of the country politically, morally, economically, socially and educationally. We all are witness to it.
The crying need of the hour is to change this so called Muslim society into a Quranic one, by which we mean transformation of the whole edifice of government i.e. the parliament, executive and judiciary. It demands honest, dedicated and sincere Muslims to come forward and replace the present feudalistic capitalistic set-up with a Quranic system of government as dreamt by Iqbal and the Quaid-e-Azam.
Then and only then through this experiment "The whole world shall be illuminated with the glory and light of Allah" (Al-Quran; 39:69).
By: Maqbool Mahmood Farhat, London