Sunday, April 29, 2007

Stronghold of Islam

Pakistan is considered as a stronghold of Islam. Since independence we are unable to understand what kind of Islam we want. Quaid-e-Azam,the founder of Pakistan was against the theocracy. Now Pakistan is in the grip of Talbanisation.Islam is in danger in Pakistan and it is only duty of N.W.F.P people to save Islam. We have less educated and poverty stricken people. According to an Afghan journalist,Musa Khan Jalozi book “Sectarianism in Pakistan” he clearly describes the creation of militancy in Pakistan. During Russian invasion in Afghanistan, Pakistan was the hub of the war activities. Jihad was used as a state and USA sponsored slogan in Pakistan. A huge Jihad industry was established in Pakistan. It was the main cause of militancy in Pakistan. There are also other causes of these phenomena. N.W.F.P has very high growth of population’s I belong to N.W.F.P,we have the biggest family unit in Pakistan. Another reason is sociological based. In Pakistan we have four province i.e Punjab,Sindh,N.W.F.P and Balochistan.In Punjab and Sindh people are very peaceful. The main problem is in N.W.F.P in tribal system. When these tribes embraced Islam fighting was in their gene. They Pick in Islam only fighting. Trouble is only in N.W.F.P and other provinces have no problems. There is very funny and ironic situation in Pakistan. A religion madrassa (Lal Masjid) in Islamabad announced establishment of shariat court and enforcement of sharia in Pakistan. This reputed madrassa was constructed on illegal land. A cleric in our province gave fatwa against Polio drop himself is victims of same disease. French revolution rejoiced the fall of Bastille, the royal fortress-prison, in the center of Paris, on July 14,1789,in Islamabad, the Talibat, impatient to bring about the Islamic order, enjoyed capturing a library. The Bastille had been a symbol of brute another, the library is a symbol of civilization. These scholars have no fiscal blue print for economic relief of the people. When asked who was funding the two seminaries,Moulana Aziz said; whenever we are short of essentials items we close our eyes and demands from Allah.With a few minutes, we find the desired thing in our kitchens”. These theologians want the return of obscurants through the burqa-clad,baton wielding Talibat by misguiding them Islam not only for moderation and peace but also for science and research. Earlier the week, President Musharif told a foreigner newspaper that Hamid Karzia was losing the battle against extremism. Now it is seems that he himself is facing in similar dilemma.

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