Monday, June 11, 2007

Islamic Revolution

It has been said about Pakistan that due to current scenerio stage is set for Islamic Revolution.Different terms are also used for example Mild Islam and Extrmist Islam.Pakistan is also copmared with Iran.How Islamic Revolution changed the situation in Iran.I would like to through light on political system in Pakistan.Election in Pakistan are held on the base of different factors not on ideological based.Pakistan is a feudal society regional politics is prevaling all over the Pakistan.It is also one major cause of dis-interagation in Pakistan.Large political parties of Pakistan are MQM,Pakistan Mislim League(Q),Pakistan Mislim League(N),People Party,ANPare not inclind towards traditional Islam.There are some independence candidates and FATA they are always with the majority government party.The current winning majority of MMA(Islamic Parties) is due to following two reasons:-
1.Emotional attachment with Taliban
2.Musharaf's policy to oust major plitical parties from the scene.
Now question is if Musharaf government is faild then what is future of Pakista?Al-Qaeda and Taliban are unable to play dominent role in Pakistan because they do not have strong root in Pakistan.People in Pakistan dislike islamic extremist in Pakistan.In tribal areas where Taliban has some pressure groups face difficulties from local people.Talibans were produced during General Zia regeme.Jihad industry was stste sponsored.General Zia was a very hypocrate ruler.He first time used Islam to strengthen in government.He introduced steps towards Islamization of laws and economy.Current MMA parties are result of his policies.What i think there is very less chance of Islamic Extremist Government in Pakistan.

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