Monday, September 10, 2007


In Pakistan Anti-America slogan is commonly used. It has many reasons. It is used for to win Election. Popular slogans raised by religious parties. Problems unable to solved or cannot be understood are refer to this slogan. I have asked many people what is the alternate of ANTI-AMERICA slogan? But no body is able to explain this mystery. Japan was the worse victims of American war but there are no Anti-American sentiments.Japanies have change the direction and now Japan is a big industrial power. It is still unsolved MYSTERY…….? Muslim world is still passing through abysmal ignorance. They are lag behind in education and industry. The only thing they believe in is militarism. Militarism is a failed dogma. According to one scholar the causes of downfall of Greece civilization was militarism. Everyone in Greece had become gladiator. It was the longest journey of the world from bipolar to unipolar. America is the biggest military might on the earth. Al-Qaeda has used least option against America but American are not using even their first military option in Afghanistan and Iraq. In Afghanistan and Iraq Muslims are killing their brothers. American are busy in humanitarian services. According to UNO report 80% suicide bomber in Afghanistan are belong to Pakistan’s tribal belt. They are poor, uneducated and students of religion institutions. Pakistan is an Atomic Power but ironic situation is that a 15 year old boy commits suicide because his parents could not provide him school uniform. No Muslim university is included in 150 World Top Ranking universities. Another problem for Pakistan and Muslim world is that they believe in pseudo theories. One theory is Muslim Ummah (Muslim Brotherhood).There is no even single example in the world that USA or UK had gain progress due to Christian or Jew brotherhood. When I examine the Pakistan current situation I feel that I am reading Swift “Gulliver’s Travel” and Chaucer “Prologue to the Canterbury tales”.

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